Classic Advertising from the 1900's to the early 60's.


Automobile Ads  



Collecting since 1973, I had a lot of ads. When scanners came about in the early 80's, not much was known about DPI and scanners did not offer much choices as to what DPI to scan. As such, most of our ads were scanned in at 78dpi.

Once scanning was done, I threw the ads away as they had no value - at that time there was no Ebay - as I figured I would use the scanned images for my printing.

However, I have been retrieving them and cleaning up most of them. Please see each image as to how far cleaned up they are.

Additionally, I have started to take the car/trucks from each ad and erased the text parts of the ad so only the car or truck shows. These 'cleaned' images are ready to use for mousepads, coasters, stickers, magnets, letterheads, mini posters, signs, etc....

ALL images labeled as Transparent Background are just that. Although they show having a black background, the backgrounds have been erased so only the actual artwork will be printed with NO background color. Color cars and trucks having a transparent background will print nicely on dark colored fabrics/paper. Cars and trucks that are black and white will print but you will NOT be able to see them if the fabric or paper color is darker than the image color. Yes, black and white images will work on red, kelly green, royal blue and similar colored fabrics (t's) and papers.

We do not own these images but we do own the cleanup results. You are prohibited from reselling these images or giving them away, transferring to others, etc...

Be sure to check for copyrights for the various images prior to reselling your items.

Your purchases help pay for the server space for this website and programs to help cleanup these ads.

I thank you and hope you make good use of these images.